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I’m starting this thread based on few reasons. This is result of a longing to discover, understand and appreciate any opus that has happened out of ancient India. The very thought of ancient Indians accurately calculating rotation times of earth, discovering fibanocci numbers (Hemadeva Numbers), Quantum Physics (Kashmir Shaivism) fills an insatiable desire to understand, learn and appreciate their thought process. Same goes for literature too. We can discuss at length about “to be or not to be” but not even remember any of Kalidasa’s verse. As modern Indians, we have been to a certain extent made to understand modern mathematics and english literature. Nothing wrong with that. But, our own awareness (leave alone understanding) to native opuses of any kind is quite abysmal. And I’d like to rectify some of it by learning some and sharing/correcting some of what I learn.

The second problem that I often encounter is the approach and outlook to ancient Indian work is always on two extremes. Depending on people, either there is extreme skepticism and denialon whats there or there is a blind extolling of it. The problem with both is neither set of people take the effort to read, understand what’s been documented. Vehement arguments are always based on hearsay or ills/greatness of Hinduism. Neither helps me and I dont want to be neither. Hence, I’d like to take a middle path. A path just talks about whats there and see for myself and decide good or bad. For now, I’m neither going to classify – right or wrong. I’d like to just record my objective observations. Feedbacks are always appreciated.

To start with I’d like to start 2 series  –

1) Translation/Appreciation of Kumarasambhava – Literary work of Kalidasa. We may all have heard/read about his poetic skills without a knowledge of what’s out there. I’m trying to find out how good he is 🙂

2) Notes on Astrology – No, I’m not talking about Bejan Daruwala’s prediction about the money you will get this week. I’d like to reach the astronomy part of it. I believe, astrology was more astronomy to our ancestors

I do not know where I’ll end up going. But I’m hoping that with persistent efforts, I’ll reach somewhere better off.

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