Announcing Journal of a Yogin

Kali’s Brood is proud to announce an online journal for a practising/aspiring Yogin, titled “Journal of a Yogin”..well obviously right.

For those following us, the last few years has been decisive in a specific sense. All that was indicated and held as potentialities have begun to manifest. Many assumptions have been validated, many thrown out as irrelevant to the pursuit of Yoga and the Divine.

The current site remains, and will continue to share material on spirituality and Hinduism. For those who are serious and who wish to exceed the little ken, we have this journal.

We wrote the following on our about section on Medium.

Journal of a Yogin enumerates methods, approaches, paths and different practices of Yoga as found in the ancient Vedic tradition, and in the modern times perfected by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

That says everything we wish to say. Please visit us.

Some visuals from Journal of a Yogin on Medium.

Kali’s Brood is now on Medium!

Kali’s Brood is now on Medium!

We are excited to be growing from a new basis, both inner and outer. A new resolve and impulse has propelled us to the next stage in Yoga and we wanted to share all that we have learnt along the way.

We wrote the following on our about section on Medium.

Kali’s Brood is an earnest attempt at reviving the sense of Yoga as understood & practised by the Vedic Seers, and in the modern times by Sri Aurobindo, and through that the manifestation of the Divine potentialities in all of us.

That says everything we wish to say. Please visit us. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter too, from the homepage on this site.

Some visuals from Kali’s Brood on Medium.

Aphorisms: Pain and Spiritual Freedom, West and Gita

To convict the soul of the spiritual freedom and erect a mental edifice of bounded ego will bear on itself the modesty of crucifixion as a progressive necessity of normal and tardy evolution and will delay the divine progression for a brief while.

Pain as a progressive necessity of an evolution caught in the mire of its own darkness – the representative figure or symbol of it in its partially awakened consciousness is the crucifixion of Christ – cannot be advocated as a supreme gospel of divine life upon earth.

Even though the promise of heaven is implicit in the Christian idea of self-redemption, it comes at the cost of a self-inflicted pain, an amputation of the Spirit and Life still worthy of evolving otherwise through the means of a higher Power and Consciousness descending through the stairs of the mind into the human frame.

Such a divine Consciousness, even when it has assumed a human form, will not digress from its own illumination and intricate self-existence or lose itself to the pressure of the Inconscient or to the term of Ignorance.

It is one of the most important ideas of the Gita that to be in self-weakness is a mistake, a spiritual regression into dismay and self-dejection has no honour in itself or in the world.

The spiritual warrior declines the way of pain and fights for the just cause of the inner or higher Deity, the Lord of all existence who determines everything according to a profound inner law of existence, where the human morality of self-redemption and self-forgiveness does not exist but only the ineffable movement of the highest Spirit.

Aphorisms: Human Modesty

To shun human modesty is to grow aware of God nude wisdom and delight of self-seeing; then modesty becomes a condition of His nudity and utter delight of existence.

Modesty is a subtle form of human ego, a masquerade too dangerous to be part of a spiritual self-evolution.

Behind the human ego stands an infinite divine Person, stripped of our disguises and self-pretensions and it is to this inner Deity that we must turn for spiritual guidance and succour and give ourselves in earnest self-giving without the least reservation so that we may be undone of all constitutional make-up and re-emerge into the Spirit of light, pure of self and nature.

It is in this transformed state of consciousness that the all-Delight of the Divine could manifest and the human frame sustain it for the progressive play of Krishna.

Aphorisms: Man, Ego and Knowledge

Knowledge is not that which sees and acts. Knowledge is that which, while seeing, surrenders its ability to see and surrenders too its ability to act.


Man is magnified ego compressed into human form. His mind is a principle of Ignorance seeking after Knowledge. But true knowledge is not intellectual or else a culmination of mental intelligence sharpened and trained to be competitive and dubiously practical.

The descent of spiritual knowledge from the higher spiritual planes into the human mould would mean in its essential consequence a sublimation of the natural ego element, and in a farther spiritual self-development, to be replaced by a superior creative Gnosis. That is true knowledge. And in that great transition towards the divine Manhood, man must be self-surrendered to the Divine within in all his parts and portions and not insist on having his own ideal set by the dominant ego-consciousness.

A progressive knowledge culminating into a divine Gnosis is one of the essential consequences of the integral Yoga. Also, a self-surrender to the inner Divine is the key to all perfection in this world and above.