Announcing Journal of a Yogin

Kali’s Brood is proud to announce an online journal for a practising/aspiring Yogin, titled “Journal of a Yogin”..well obviously right.

For those following us, the last few years has been decisive in a specific sense. All that was indicated and held as potentialities have begun to manifest. Many assumptions have been validated, many thrown out as irrelevant to the pursuit of Yoga and the Divine.

The current site remains, and will continue to share material on spirituality and Hinduism. For those who are serious and who wish to exceed the little ken, we have this journal.

We wrote the following on our about section on Medium.

Journal of a Yogin enumerates methods, approaches, paths and different practices of Yoga as found in the ancient Vedic tradition, and in the modern times perfected by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

That says everything we wish to say. Please visit us.

Some visuals from Journal of a Yogin on Medium.

Kali’s Brood is now on Medium!

Kali’s Brood is now on Medium!

We are excited to be growing from a new basis, both inner and outer. A new resolve and impulse has propelled us to the next stage in Yoga and we wanted to share all that we have learnt along the way.

We wrote the following on our about section on Medium.

Kali’s Brood is an earnest attempt at reviving the sense of Yoga as understood & practised by the Vedic Seers, and in the modern times by Sri Aurobindo, and through that the manifestation of the Divine potentialities in all of us.

That says everything we wish to say. Please visit us. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter too, from the homepage on this site.

Some visuals from Kali’s Brood on Medium.

Blade of Grass – Episode from Kenopanishad

Om – May our journeys be auspicious!


The time is right. Through many roads you and I have arrived here.

Now we shall do the ritual that reveals.


Three things are required.

Eyes that see things that have no form. Ears that hear unsounded meaning. And a mind that learns from silence.


Let us begin now, this story shall be our Guru.

Long long ago in a realm different, yet very intimate with ours, there was a war. The Gods had won this round. Smug in victory they celebrated in their thoughts, the ancient ones – Indra, Vayu and Agni.

The Unnamable watched their thoughts. It took a form and appeared in front.


“What is this?”, wondered the Gods. “Agni, go forth and inquire”, they said. Agni rushed in front of It.

And That enquired, “Who art thou? What is thy power?”

“Agni am I. I am fire that burns Night. The many I burn away”, said the God.

“Then burn this”, replied That. And set forth a blade of grass, a mere tendril, in front.

Agni, with a crown of flame, rushed in. The blade stood drooped as ever. Not a blemish on its pale green skin.

“This being is hidden to me”, said crest fallen Agni.


The Gods said, “Vayu, go forth and inquire”

Vayu moved swiftly in front of it. And That enquired, “Who art thou? What is thy power?”

“Vayu am I. I am breath that animates. The many I cast aside by my breath”, said the God.

“Then move this”, replied That. And set forth a blade of grass, a mere tendril, in front.

Vayu, with wings of wind, rushed in. The blade stood drooped as ever. Still as stone from earth’s deeps.

Crest fallen, Vayu returned, saying, “This being is hidden to me”


Now, the Gods said, “Indra, wisest among us, go forth and inquire”

Indra, mounting a chariot of thought, moved in front of it. And lo, the Being dissapeared.

Indra waited in a thoughtless prayer. In place of the Being, now he beheld Uma, daughter of higher realms.


“Who was that Being?”, Indra prayed to the Mother of them all.

“That is the Brahman”, She replied.


“Agni burns with fire lent by the Brahman. Vayu animates with breath lent by the Brahman. Beyond words and thought is the Brahman, the source of all that is and is not”.

Indra learnt of that which cannot be learnt. And Uma, the Mother, had revealed it to Indra.


Subtle are the ways of the Highest. Be vigilant. Watch for the unnamable. The Mother awaits us at the heights.

We shall part now, until the next whirl of time brings us together.

Om tat sat.

[Note: Our next post will explain the symbolic nature of this Upanishadic story and outline its relevance to aspiring souls.]

How to Invoke a Deity

Senses Closed, Open Within

Senses Closed, Open Within

Go where human taint has not disfigured things. Bare foot, let clay and soil and water of the earth dress your feet.

Dig fingers deep into earth, draw out a clump of sand flesh, this will be the body of Him.

Mould sand flesh into a shape of your aspiration. What this will be will be guided from within.

Whether sage bare, or winged horses, or many armed hero, or many minded priest, or reclining God, or playful herd-boy…what it will be shall be guided.

Sand flesh formed, now erect it on a seat.

Sit in front and gather the following – Every thought that strays, every desire self you have lent unto living and dead things, every impulse that animates your thoughts, every virtue, every vice..everything.

These gathered make of them a garland; each segment will be a thing of vileness or perversion or despicable or grand or noble or sublime or even beautiful.

This is as it should be, an offering is perfect when it is what it is.

This garland of old becomings and impulses gently lay in front of your aspiration’s shape.

Now open yourself, as bare hungry earth lays prone to a pregnant sky.

Cast away every thought and impulse that occurs, be as the first man ape who waited for a thunder wielding hero.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You shall see that skies of self are vaster than earth.

Slowly there is a tear in the fabric of self and something trickles through.

Wide, Vast and Puissant.

This is but one limb of the Deity.

Hold on to it.

From mere sand flesh a bigger self has been born and thou art the mid-wife of it.

Photo Credit: Andres Rodriguez via Compfight