Map of Emotions and Chakras

I came across this interesting map of emotions via FlowingData.


Now see how Patanjali’s Chakras aligns with above heat maps.


 My favourites are how Depression completely “switches off” activity in all chakras! Or how Happiness literally lights up the whole being, in fact even better than being in a state of Love!

Also, the similarity between states of Anger and Pride are interesting. And check how Anger makes the arms glow. Fascinating!

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  1. Amazing…. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joan Wheaton says:

    …shared the chart; thank you……this is how we appear to those beyond the veil!
    …a good reminder to transmute emotion into devotion ♥

  3. Wonderful. !

    Dr.emoto of Japan has proven this by his research on water molecules
    How they change their pattern and brightness according to emotions. Our tradition of offering everything to God actually changes the molecular structure of the good and enhances our body, mind and soul.

    Also the spoon full of water we get as prasad in temples goes a long way in keeping us intact mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
    Amazing is the secret behind our ceremonies and rituals.

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