Kali’s Brood on Medium

The Buddhist idea of Nirvana excludes all sense of personality and existence; it formulates upon the idea of a spiritual negation of Life, and while b...,
IntroductionThe sense of the Gita, to which mind has no clue, cannot be confined to a set of hymns sung in the midst of a great battle or what human i...,
Aspirant: Divine irony my Beloved LordTo crown me king over empires that matter notAnd insist tyrant like to deny what I seek.Thou dost mine my night...,
Note: Garuda of the Puranas is the vahana, vehicle, of Vishnu. The approach to Vishnu Consciousness is described in the Rig Veda as one of wideness, o...,
This vile wine taints.To what purpose? To arm a poet and lover with the sword of action! To what end? To thrust away a child who does not let go of y...,
Aspirant: What am I? A mere vagrant upon the seas of space and time. An eddy of karma that will be gone when He wills it done. What am I? An orphan of...,
Go where human taint has not disfigured things. Bare foot, let clay and soil and water of the earth dress your feet.Dig fingers deep into earth, draw...,
I stood there amidst the river of humanity who passed through the palace. Smells from many lands crossed my nostrils- this group was Mithila, another ...,
The Bhagavad Gita, Song of the Lord, has guided innumerable aspirants to walk steady on the path of God Realisation. The portion where Arjuna sees the...,
How very often upon the fragile beings of men are thrust the persistent demands of aspiration. How very often is stretched and sheared our sinews. How...,