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The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāThe Spirit moves from infinity to a finite existence in order to embody and evolve into progressive forms until in th...,
A RebuttalA rebuttal by nature is aimed at defending something precious when it is under attack, at least so is my intention here. The culture of a na...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāThe conversion of the vital represents an acutely important stage in the integral Yoga, for it is often a sign of ful...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāThe Veda speaks of a Mind of light beyond the universe as well as of a descending stair of it into the lower mind and...,
A Yogic PerspectiveAll that animates us is a miracle of the lower gods. The temporal unfurlment of this variedly hued magic light is yet at its source...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāThere is a saving Grace immanent in the earth-consciousness, a succour and a hope for humanity since the beginning of...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāWe may regard Life as an expression of God and so form our opinions based on it, but it is only when we go beyond our...,
Vedic DeitiesNo great invention of the world has ever been possible without mathematical knowledge and precision in its measuring devices, but an inve...,
On the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi day, we remind ourselves of the three essentials of the Master’s Yoga.A record of Master’s Yoga,...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāMankind is an expression of God in self-evolution, but in oblivion of its true status and always labouring unconsciou...,