Kali’s Brood on Medium

Vedic DeitiesThe evolution of vedic symbols is a prehistoric knowledge and does not fall within the intellectual preview of western Indology. It is th...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad Gītā“The conduct of a disciple is often a reflection or a stable expression of the profundities of his inner alchemy; t...,
Vedic DeitiesPrehistory is the true history of the Indian subcontinent, but it is nothing more than a mere boisterous assertion of hearsay, if we do n...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāAll material action, so impelled by the mind or goaded by the vital, is a compound figure of lower Prakriti, and as s...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāThe Guru is a symbol of an all-round perfection, a divine connoisseur of immense depth and knowledge of both the Spir...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāEducation has a purpose other than merely reflecting the tendencies of the present age or the past, from which it lar...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāA supreme governing principle or synthesis of the Spirit must form the basis of all our sense of governance and rule ...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad GītāThe Gita at the outset begins with the fallen hero of the battle asking Sri Krishna the meaning behind the heartless ...,
The Sense of The Bhagavad Gītā“The vision of a higher Godhead imparted to Arjuna was an inner vision of a divine amplitude of an endless eternal ...,
PrefatoryAn introduction to Vedic Gods and Goddesses must be an attempt to enlarge upon the idea of their esoteric symbolism in the term of the mind t...,