How did Prosperous Bharath Come to this?

Famine during colonial rule of Bharath. Province of Madras.

During colonial rule there were at least some record as pictures. The 800 years before colonials were captured only in books, which have been forgotten or washed over by our ‘secular’ brethren.

On a positive note, Bharath has come a long way since. But poverty remains rooted, leaving way for charlatans with food and money on one hand, and dubious ideas on another. This nation is ours only in name, acidic ideas and people, both domestic and foreign, continue to tear us apart.

What you and I do today and after, however small and insignificant, will have bearing on what Bharath turns out to be.

Vande Mataram!

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  1. You might like to read or quote here the 1902 classic “The Economic History of India” by Romesh Chander Dutt. It was the first authoritative book which elucidated how British rule had led to deindustrialization and decline of India. It had an enormous influence on the Swadeshi movement at the time.

    The book is out of copyright and can be downloaded free

    Sri Aurobindo wrote a eulogy on Romesh Chander Dutt titled the “The Men That Pass” which appears in the Collected Works, vol 1, p 676.

    • Mahesh CR says:

      Hi Sandeep – Will dig into the book surely. Glad that you mentioned Sri Aurobindo’s eulogy, would not have connected the dots otherwise!


  2. Till 1857, India was still a major world economy with close to 25% 0f global gross product. It was a world leader in gunpowder, steel, shipbuildng, textiles, agriculture. (Check out Angus Maddisson’ economic model).

    The next 90 years saw India reduced to grinding poverty. Special gift, the British had.

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