How did Prosperous Bharath Come to this?

Famine during colonial rule of Bharath. Province of Madras. During colonial rule there were at least some record as pictures. The 800 years before colonials were captured only in books, which have been forgotten or washed over by our 'secular' … [Continue reading]

Yoga of Self-Organization

Prelude Yoga is a joining of the individual self to the immanent yet all-pervading Divine. Why Yoga? For those who have felt the ache of the call, there is no need for an answer. For those yet to hear the call, know that riches of consciousness and … [Continue reading]

What Supports the Bhaktha and his Yoga?

The heart is another country. Especially so for the bhaktha, he who has set foot on the path of devotion. Bhaktha and the Beloved To the bhaktha, a lover of God, there is a sense of otherness, much like mortal love perhaps but here there is no … [Continue reading]

If Sri Krishna Were to Appear

This post will not resonate with those who have not felt Bhakthi, if so apologies and I request you to return later.  I have wondered for almost two decades now, how would it feel to be in front of the Divine. To stand in front of Him, the goal of … [Continue reading]

Vedas, Upanishads and Us

Our retelling of an episode from the Kenopanishad, raised a query on why we dipped into so remote a past of the Hindu tradition, what these works are and what we aim to accomplish by it. Vedas The Vedas constitute the bedrock of Hindu thought, … [Continue reading]

Blade of Grass – Episode from Kenopanishad

Om - May our journeys be auspicious! Prelude The time is right. Through many roads you and I have arrived here. Now we shall do the ritual that reveals. Preparation Three things are required. Eyes that see things that have no form. Ears that … [Continue reading]

Anjaneya – The Beginning

This was in a time before men were as now. More kin to animal than man. More raw instinct than thought. Every inflection of mind indulged without an overarching plan beyond the impulses of life. Mind was as a tail, twitching, dangling, swinging. All … [Continue reading]

A Story by Sri Ramakrishna On Aspiration

In response to a query from a devotee, Sri Ramakrishna tells a story on how we should aspire to the Divine. This is my retelling of that story, in response to question on why I had said that the Sadhana we perform is paltry. There was once a widow … [Continue reading]

Sri Aurobindo Speaks of Scriptures actually Relevant for Future

Sri Aurobindo speaks about which religion, philosophy will be relevant, survive and actually help the spiritual path. Only those Scriptures, religions, philosophies which can be thus constantly renewed, relived, their stuff of permanent truth … [Continue reading]

Aphorisms: Pain and Spiritual Freedom, West and Gita

To convict the soul of the spiritual freedom and erect a mental edifice of bounded ego will bear on itself the modesty of crucifixion as a progressive necessity of normal and tardy evolution and will delay the divine progression for a brief … [Continue reading]