How do I learn more about Hinduism?

That was the question asked by someone few days back. "Aspire", was my response. For that is the key element, without which the Shastra[1. Veda, Upanishads etc] and Guru will be in vain with regard to understanding Hinduism and living its tenets … [Continue reading]

Aphorisms: Human Modesty

To shun human modesty is to grow aware of God nude wisdom and delight of self-seeing; then modesty becomes a condition of His nudity and utter delight of existence. Modesty is a subtle form of human ego, a masquerade too dangerous to be part of a … [Continue reading]

Aphorisms: Man, Ego and Knowledge

Knowledge is not that which sees and acts. Knowledge is that which, while seeing, surrenders its ability to see and surrenders too its ability to act. Commentary Man is magnified ego compressed into human form. His mind is a principle of … [Continue reading]

Every finger of his quietly dangling hand expressed peace

Siddhartha, in Herman Hesse's book of the same name, arrives at Jetavana hoping to catch a glimpse of the Budhha, the Enlightened One. Not having seen him before, Siddhartha waits, almost wondering how to identify the Awakened One from the river of … [Continue reading]

How to Invoke a Deity

Go where human taint has not disfigured things. Bare foot, let clay and soil and water of the earth dress your feet. Dig fingers deep into earth, draw out a clump of sand flesh, this will be the body of Him. Mould sand flesh into a shape of your … [Continue reading]

Whatever Difficulties and Perplexities Arise…

All this personal effort and self-discipline will not in the end be needed, all following and limitation of rule and dharma can at last be thrown away as hampering encumbrances if thou canst make a complete surrender to Me, depend alone on the Spirit … [Continue reading]

Bande Mataram – Mother, To Thee I bow

I have thought long and hard about articulating what Kali's Brood is/will be about. This translation of Bande Mataram/Vande Mataram, translated by Sri Aurobindo, captures everything I could not articulate. Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy … [Continue reading]


Photo Credit: Leighton Cooke via Compfight Om. To Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, we offer our prayers. May our beginnings, middle and end be auspicious. May our will, thought and action be swift and guided as an arrow to its mark, O Ganesha. … [Continue reading]