If Sri Krishna Were to Appear

This post will not resonate with those who have not felt Bhakthi, if so apologies and I request you to return later.Β 

I have wondered for almost two decades now, how would it feel to be in front of the Divine. To stand in front of Him, the goal of our toils and the heights of our aspiration. To see Him with bare eyes, not as intuition, not as an experience where the little self vanishes. But here and now, to see Him as one would a dear-most friend. Or as the realization of every tear shed over many lives, of every longing that wracks the heart, or the becoming of every song ever sung.

Of all the paths to the Divine, the one of Knowledge taken by the thinker, or the one of Works undertaken by the toiler or even the road taken by the royalty..the Raja Yoga they call it, the most sublime of all paths to the Divine conceived by the Hindu race, is the path of Devotion and such a mighty conception it is. To give the heart its complete realization, to consider every strain of love and longing that the human heart gives itself to and make it an instrument of Yoga. God as Father, as Ishwara. God as Mother, as Shakthi in Her many manifestations. God as Child, as Skanda or Muruga in the Tamizh Bhakthi path and so on..so many ways of adoring the Divine.

But right at the top of the devotional path is to see God as Beloved, as Sri Krishna, the one who captivates souls, the one who makes Meera sing songs of anguish, one who makes a Chaitanya roam with a kirtan on his lips. Sri Krishna, the one to whom even the most fallen send their adoration, to whom mortal hearts sprout speech only to utter, “My Beloved, My Lord, My Master”.

So I have wondered, what would I do if He appeared in front. Would I jump in joy, would I rush into His embrace never to return..oh what would I do I wonder. What I have realized is this though, if Sri Krishna did appear I would break down, not in relief it is all over but rather ask through tears what makes Him put souls through everything, for what purpose.

What is the point of this post? Well, I came across a picture that, to me, captures that anguish of seeing Him and silently asking, “Why?”. See the picture. Have not embedded it in the post because I wanted to set context.

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  1. Beautiful . Touching . and a Courageous Post .

    It takes courage the put this question , honestly to oneself and then share it with everyone πŸ™‚

    { Only thing I would do is remove the last para . For me the point of the post is the post itself . }

    • Mahesh CR says:

      Thanks Nitin..was very disturbed after posting it..generally the world does not treat Bhakthas like us very well!!

  2. Revelling in pure bhakti is bliss and I have experienced it. Bhakti transcends our earthly travails. Thanks for this write-up which reminded me of my own experience.

    Since my last blissful experience with bhakti, I have delved into other paths, namely ‘Jnana marga’, or so I think πŸ™‚ This brings me to the question, are these different paths to reach ‘HIM’ mutually exclusive or do they compliment each other? My personal experience has been that while one chooses ‘jnana marga’, he/she has to involve in lot of churning of knowledge with/without a Guru, understand, learn or unlearn many things and ‘logic’ too plays a part if not completely. Whereas in ‘bhakti marga’ none of these play any role as it purely depends on the ‘bhaktas’ devotion to his ‘daiva’ or bhagwan. Hence my question. Please feel free to refute my understanding of the paths above πŸ™‚

    • Mahesh CR says:

      Hi Prashanth

      First of all, thanks for the comment. So glad that you have experienced bhakthi, it is an unmatched blessing. Btw, standard disclaimers apply about my fitment to answer this question and so on πŸ™‚

      What I have realized is this. The various Margas or Paths to the Divine are not mutually exclusive at all. They are merely suggestions to guide various personality types. As practice of any path intensifies, one finds in oneself the fruit of other paths too. Jnana marga when deepened, pulls in the heart too because a Jnani first sees with wonder the Divine Lila and the many hued power and grace of the Supreme. This wonder when continued over time ripens into Bhakthi. Same with the path of Bhakthi. The devotee realizes the many workings of his Ishta Devata and knowledge dawns in Him..when this persists the bhaktha realizes he ‘knows’ and also ‘adores’.

      The classic example of this mode of starting with one path but ending up knowing every path would be Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Aurobindo. The latter especially says he never wanted to write on technicalities of Yoga but ended up doing it nevertheless because of the dynamics hinted above.

      What I do is this. When am in the mood for devotion I aspire to be a Radha or Anjaneya. When in the mood for illuminating thought, I sit at feet of Sri Aurobindo to think and brood over the machinery of existence. When in the hacker mood, I dip into more of Buddhism or even the ways of Tantra Yoga. Basically every emotion that one manifests can and should be linked to progress in Yoga, which is what I attempt..attempt is the key word here πŸ™‚

      • Mahesh, thanks for the reply. Very beautifully explained yet a thought provoking comment πŸ™‚

        The reason the doubt about the paths arose was primarily when I was thinking about the various factors at play. Emotion has a role in ‘Bhakti’ but not in ‘Jnana’. The image you have mentioned in the article, gives rise to emotion and warrent an answer from the divine for a bhakta. But in ‘jnana’ the image only explains the ‘causality’ and emotion plays no role. Similarly, many such factors are kind of mutually exclusive to bhakti and jnana. Just a doubt and I no way claim this to be final or undisputed!!!

        But I must admit that too many thoughts/doubts coming to my mind now. Need to streamline them and discuss in person.

  3. Hello

    Thank you for directing me to your post.

    Recently i had a dream of meeting Him and was so beyond words that nothing would come out. Only tears. It was so emotionally disturbing i woke up crying. But, the dream gave me such a blessing of peace for the days which have followed. Even in dream form…He is just that wonderful<3

    Hari Om<3

    • Mahesh CR says:

      You are blessed. Not many get dreams of meeting Him. And can perfectly understand how it can stun the external being. Am happy for you.

      Have read your posts and see you are far ahead. If you should speak to Him again, please do tell him am waiting πŸ™‚

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