Yoga of Self-Organization


Yoga is a joining of the individual self to the immanent yet all-pervading Divine. Why Yoga? For those who have felt the ache of the call, there is no need for an answer. For those yet to hear the call, know that riches of consciousness and harmony of existence that elude you now will become your natural state through Yoga.

Start of Yoga

If you adhere yourself to a certain rhythm and discipline, you will see a great change. Let us say that all our routine could be subject to this rhythmic inner movement and to a discipline still subject to the inner law. But this is not for the so called intellectual types with big egos. This is for those who are willing to serve the Divine and live for a divine purpose.


There are many types of discipline; physical, vital and mental discipline but the one that we need most is a psychic discipline. It is a flowing spontaneity of action out of the inner Spirit, something natural and tremendously simple in manifestation without any artificial mental colours and intellectual deformities (which we call our natural traits!) and is possessed of the Divine Truth.


We have to open ourselves to this inner Psychic Consciousness and organise all our activities around it, all that we do normally in our day-to-day life like reading or writing, work, conversation or even sleep. All must be gathered in a single great movement of aspiration towards the Divine. That’s how you begin into the path of integral yoga.

Inner or Outer

It is the inner conquest that is more difficult than the outer achievement. You may have progressed materially, built your career and even made a name for yourself in your own little world but a man without his spiritual consciousness at the front is more or less a neatly decorated carrion without any life in it. It is by the inner law that all external life must be governed or else your life will be subject to the play of forces and your soul will remain hidden from you and the true splendours of life along with it.

Hour of Light

In a word, to give ourselves in true self-giving to God and to nothing else and through Him possess the world for the sheer delight of existence. It is the hour of light, as we might call it, which has come to the our aid and we must welcome it with all our sincerity and truthfulness.