Aphorisms: Man, Ego and Knowledge

Knowledge is not that which sees and acts. Knowledge is that which, while seeing, surrenders its ability to see and surrenders too its ability to act.


Man is magnified ego compressed into human form. His mind is a principle of Ignorance seeking after Knowledge. But true knowledge is not intellectual or else a culmination of mental intelligence sharpened and trained to be competitive and dubiously practical.

The descent of spiritual knowledge from the higher spiritual planes into the human mould would mean in its essential consequence a sublimation of the natural ego element, and in a farther spiritual self-development, to be replaced by a superior creative Gnosis. That is true knowledge. And in that great transition towards the divine Manhood, man must be self-surrendered to the Divine within in all his parts and portions and not insist on having his own ideal set by the dominant ego-consciousness.

A progressive knowledge culminating into a divine Gnosis is one of the essential consequences of the integral Yoga. Also, a self-surrender to the inner Divine is the key to all perfection in this world and above.