Whatever Difficulties and Perplexities Arise…


Sri Krishna assures Arjuna

All this personal effort and self-discipline will not in the end be needed, all following and limitation of rule and dharma can at last be thrown away as hampering encumbrances if thou canst make a complete surrender to Me, depend alone on the Spirit and Godhead within thee and all things and trust to his sole guidance.

Turn all thy mind to me and fill it with the thought of me and my presence. Turn all thy heart to me, make thy every action, whatever it be, a sacrifice and offering to me. That done, leave me to do my will with thy life and soul and action; do not be grieved or perplexed by my dealings with thy mind and heart and life and works or troubled because they do not seem to follow the laws and dharmas man imposes on himself to guide his limited will and intelligence. My ways are the ways of a perfect wisdom and power and love that knows all things and combines all its movements in view of a perfect eventual result; for it is refining and weaving together the many threads of an integral perfection.

I am here with thee in thy chariot of battle revealed as the Master of Existence within and without thee and I repeat the absolute assurance, the infallible promise that I will lead thee to myself through and beyond all sorrow and evil. Whatever difficulties and perplexities arise, be sure of this that I am leading thee to a complete divine life in the universal and an immortal existence in the transcendent Spirit.

In many ways the life of a Sanyassin[5. One who has renounced material life in pursuit of the Divine] is easy, he is a lone warrior armed with aspiration and wages inner battles to storm heaven. For an aspiring Grihastha,[1. Householder] locked in the baffling maze of Samsara, the problem is severe. To the inner battles and an unyielding Divine is added the almost fatal calamity of family, work and society. It is in this position we find ourselves, much like Arjuna[6. One of the Pandavas, hero, friend of Sri Krishna] on the fields of battle in Kurukshetra.[2. Scene of battle in Mahabharatha] Dire circumstances, a feeble will and a confused buddhi[3. Buddhi is the intellect, used in the modern sense. Check here for subtle distinctions according to Indian psychology] fogs every idea and ideal, and tinges our actions with uncertainty. It is to this human soul caught in the web of existence that Sri Krishna[4. Incarnate Divine, manifest on earth to uphold Dharma] addresses this message, this “infallible promise”, that He would lead the aspiring soul to Himself “through and beyond all sorrow and evil”.